Owzthat Game #1

A.J. Nethercote's Gentlemen of England XI

C. AJ Nethercote (lbw Mytton) .....16

2. BJ Netercote (b. Darwin st. Watson) .....68

3. SS Flippington-Flop (b. Flashman st. Watson) .....64

4. Lord Strokes (b. Darwin) .....9

5. GNER Railway (lbw Fort) .....28

6. RPCRQW Bullingdon-Snorter (lbw Mytton) .....21

7. GC Cheddar (b. Jeeves) .....18

8. NWA Compton (b. Darwin c. Watson) .....13

W. DD Plump .....3*

10 A Coalface (b. Darwin) .....0

11. B Pitpony (lbw Darwin) .....0

Extras .....3

TOTAL: 243


H Flashman (4-0-81-1), J Mytton (4-0-64-2), C Darwin (3-0-37-5), C Fort (2-0-43-1), R Jeeves (1-0-15-1)



The Nondescripts

C. B Wooster (b. Pitpony st. Plump) .....61

2. S Holmes (b. Pitpony c. BJ Nethercote) .....59

3. C Grant (b. Compton st. Plump) .....3

4. E Waugh (b. Cheddar) .....50

5. PG Wodehouse (lbw. Compton) .....22

6. R Jeeves .....22*

W. Dr J Watson (b. Compton st. Plump) .....12

8. C Fort .....15*

C Darwin, J Mytton and H Flashman did not bat.

Extras .....0

TOTAL: 244


B. Pitpony (4-0-57-2), A Coalface (4-0-82-0), NWA Compton (3-0-49-3), GC Chedder (2-0-41-1), RPCRQW Bullingdon-Snorter (0.2-0-9-0)



Nethercote's XI won the toss and decided to bat. Nethercote's gentlemen got off to a strong start with BJ Nethercote and Flippington-Fopp hitting scores of 68 and 64 respectively, Flashman was hit for 31 runs in his third over. AJ Nethercote himself making 16 runs only. Darwin made both his first hat-trick and the first hat-trick of the Nondescripts with the consecutive wickets of Compton, Coalface and Pitpony. The Nondescripts reply was led by Wooster scoring 61 runs, Holmes hitting 59 runs and Waugh who scored 50 runs before being clean bowled by Cheddar. Fort, a right handed batsman, hit the winning runs with consecutive sixes. The Nondescripts win by four wickets.

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