Perseverando Vinces

It is not that I believe the little orange blocks of 'Wrights' soap to be superior to any other, I'd agree there are soaps which are more pleasing to the eye; that there are soaps that form a lather better and perhaps clean better. However there is no soap that smells better, that has a more evocative scent; that brings memories of comfort, cosiness and cleanliness back. It is the soap that we used to wash our hands when we came in from the garden, from playing or digging in my grandfathers vegetable patch, the soap with which we washed our hands before we sat down to eat and washed ourselves in a sink of warmish water before bed.


Though no longer containing the natural anti-bacterial 'coal tar' as being carcinogenic it has been substituted with 'tee tree oil'. Though toxic in large doses 'tee tree oil is believed to be effective against a variety of dermatological conditions, including dandruff, acne, lice, herpes, and other skin infections. Though the recipe has changed that wonderful coal tar fragrance remains.


Unfortunately I bought the last block of 'Wrights' from my local supermarket a few days ago, I asked the assistant if they had any more only to be told that it is a line they will no longer stock. They have the soap available at their online shop and of course other online suppliers have 'Wrights' for sale. But should I look at other soaps elsewhere - pine tar soaps, carbolic soaps, others containing tee tree oils, or to see what a luxury brand like 'Trumper' may offer, or simply look on the high street for alternatives?

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