A.J. Nethercote's Gentlemen of England XI

AJ Nethercote (cpt.)

BJ Nethercote

SS Flippington-Flop

Lord Strokes

GNER Railway

RPCRQW Bullingdon-Snorter

GC Chedder

NWA Compton

DD Plump (wkt.)

A Coalface

B Pitpony


In the February of 1896 A.J. 'Rumpy' Netercote led his team of English gentlemen onto the playing fields of Cape Town against a team made up of 'Natives Of The Cape Colony'. Though Nethercote's team were ultimately victorious it was only by a technicality rather than good play. Undoubtedly such a victory led to some contention and disagreement between the tourists and the local players as this remained the only match on record played by Nethercote's team.


W.G. Grace Ate My Pedalo

Tyers & Beach

Wisden/Bloomsbury Publishing 2010

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