The Giant's Grave (Firle Beacon)

East Sussex
England, United Kingdom.

(OS Ref. Sheet:198 TQ483059)

The 'Giant's Grave' sits upon Firle Beacon on the South Downs of southern England, commanding far reaching views it stand 217 metres high and classified by walkers as a Marilyn. Fire's were once lit at Firle Beacon as they were on Mount Caburn and other hills of the South Downs, the last time they were alight here was on 21st June 1887 in celebration of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee.

This low longbarrow surrounded by a shallow ditch is said to be the buriel place of a giant who once lived here. The giant was an enemy of another giant who lived upon Windover Hill, as they quarelled they threw huge boulders at one another, hatred grew until finally the giant of Firle Beacon hurled his hammer and killed his opponent, the dead giant lay on the hillside and became The Longman of Wilmington.


There is also said to be a silver coffin buried upon Firle Beacon, whether it contains the bones of the giant isn't told. Equally mysterious is the 'Firle Corn', a lost hill figure whose existance has been suggested by infrared photography. The glyph is said to resemble an ear of corn and may be found on the north-east slope of Firle Beacon.