The Eastnor Obelisk

Eastnor Castle
England, United Kingdom.


We made a walk from the car park at British Camp, walking over its earthworks, Hangmans Hill and then Swinyardhill with the intention of walking onto Midsummer Hill. On such a fine day, with the Eastnor Obelisk so tempting in the surrounding landscape we decided to make a detour.


This prominant 90ft monument is visible for miles around and carries four inscriptions. The obelisk was erected by John Somers Cocks, Lord Somers (1760-1841), in memory of his son the Hon Edward Charles Cocks (1786-1812) who died serving as a Major in Wellington's army at the Battle of Burgos during the Peninsular War.


The inscription on the monument details the career of Edward Charles Cocks and carries a tribute from his father: "a father who loved and thought highly of his son, feels himself justified in inscribing these truths to his memory, and bound to add that he acted on public and religious principles, that he was dutiful to his parents, an affectionate brother, a sincere friend and a benevolent man."