The John Cobb Cairn

For his attempt on the world water speed record, John Cobb chose Loch Ness and Temple Pier became the headquarters for his team. Repairs were made to the pier and a specialy constructed shed housed his boat Crusader. In the weeks before the record attempt many visitors came including the Queen Mother and Cobb found time to address local school children. On 29th September, on the return leg of the measured mile Crusader hit turbulent waves, possibly created by the support vessel. Cobb was catapulted out of his craft and killed instantly, a devestating blow to the community to whom he had endeared himself, particularly by allowing no work to take place on the Sabbath in deference to local custom.

The day after the tragedy the wreckage of the Crusader was burnt on the pier watched by Cobbs sons. Public subscription paid for a cairn to be raised in his memory; the inscription on the plaque, designed by the Celtic art expert George Bain reads:


"Urram do'n Treun, Agus do'n Iriossal"
(Honour to the brave and to the humble)


The John Cobb Cairn is situated beside the A82 and Loch Ness. 3.5 miles south of Drumnadrochit, Scotland.