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Links - Cabinets of Curiosity

“Learned gentlemen should build a goodly, huge cabinet, wherein whatsoever the hand of man by exquisite art or engine has made rare in stuff, form or motion; whatsoever singularity, chance, and the shuffle of things hath produced; whatsoever Nature has wrought in things that want life and may be kept; shall be sorted and included.” - Francis Bacon

Wellcome Collection: A unique mix of galleries, events, and meeting, reading and eating places where you can consider what it means to be human. It brings to life Sir Henry Wellcome's vision of a place where people could learn more about the development of medicine through the ages and across cultures.


Curious Expeditions: Travelling and exhuming the extraordinary past.


The Mütter Museum: Founded to educate future doctors about anatomy and human medical anomalies. Today, it serves as a valuable resource for educating and enlightening the public about our medical past and telling important stories about what it means to be human.


Bethlem Museum: The Bethlem Museum was established in 1970, as a small exhibition space in the new building which housed the Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital archives. Originally intended to display historical documents and the few pictures and artefacts which had already been passed to the archives department for safekeeping, it was first opened to the public as the Bethlem Historical Museum.


Cabinets de Curiosites: Les cabinets de curiosités désignent au XVIe et XVIIe siècles des lieux dans lesquels on collectionne et présente une multitude d'objet rares ou étranges représentant les trois règnes: le monde animal, végétal et minéral, en plus de réalisations humaines.


Kongens Kunstkammer: The King's Kunstkammer is an Internet exhibition, which is a partial reconstruction of the Royal Danish Kunstkammer which was established by King Frederik III in the mid-1600s - a collection which was broken up some 200 years later when all the pieces it contained were distributed among newly created specialist museums.


Kunstkammer Georg Laue: Since 1997 the Kunstkammer Georg Laue has been firmly rooted in the Munich gallery scene. Centrally located, it is in the immediate vicinity of Munich’s most famous museums: the Alte Pinakothek, the Neue Pinakothek and the new Pinakothek der Moderne.


Web Wunderkammer: "For Study & Grins" - A collection of curiosities presented by the worlds most interesting persons.


The Pitt Rivers Museum: The Pitt Rivers Museum cares for one of the world's great collections. It is equally famous for its celebrated displays and its leading role in contemporary research and museum curatorship. This site introduces visitors to both.


Deyrolle: Depuis 1831, la maison Deyrolle propose aux passionnés de la Nature des collections d’insectes et de coquillages, des animaux naturalisés de toutes sortes, des curiosités naturelles et du matériel pédagogique pour l’enseignement des sciences naturelles.


Radio Guy: Offering and collecting oddball and scary scientific stuff such as industrial masks and helmets, motors, tools, radios, and electrostatic devices.


The Zymoglyphic Museum: The world's only repository for the study and display of Zymoglyphic art, artifacts, and natural history. The museum also presents special exhibits on related topics in natural object assemblage, and maintains a curiosity cabinet of items that reflect the spirit of Zymoglyphic culture.


The Museum of Jurassic Technology: "...guided along as it were a chain of flowers into the mysteries of life."