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Links - Cinema

"Perhaps I seek certain utopian things, space for human honour and respect, landscapes not yet offended, planets that do not exist yet, dreamed landscapes, very few people seek these images today." - Werner Herzog

Senses Of Cinema: An online journal devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema.


Wim Wenders: The official website of Wim Wenders, film director, playwright, author, photographer and producer.


Kitano Takeshi: An online resource dedicated to collecting and sharing information about Kitano Takeshi, aiming at providing uniquely interesting material to broaden the knowledge about and awareness of Kitano Takeshi and to allow his work to be easier accessible.


The Symbol Grows: Alejandro Jodorowsky: The web presence of Alejandro Jodorowsky, an amateur scholar in comparative religion, playwright, director, producer, composer, actor, mime, comic book writer, tarot reader, historian and psychotherapist.


Subterranean Cinema: Cult cinema.


Werner Herzog Film: The only authentic and official website of Werner Herzog. Information on all of his films including cast, crew, production details etc., as well as updated information on his writings, publications and stagings.


Ingmar Bergman: Face To Face: Dedicated to the nine-time Academy Award-nominated Swedish film, stage, and opera director, he is recognized as one of the greatest and most influential filmmakers of modern cinema.


The Internet Movie Database: Visited by over 57 million movie and TV lovers each month!


Harmony-Korine: Much of Korine's work is based around the dark humor and absurdism involved in dysfunctional childhoods, mental disorders, and poverty. This is often incorporated into surrealist, non-linear forms and presented experimentally. An unofficial site.


Peter Greenaway: The visual hallmark of Greenaway's cinema is the heavy influence of Renaissance painting and Flemish painting in particular, notably in scenic composition and illumination and the concomitant contrasts of costume and nudity, nature and architecture, furniture and people, sexual pleasure and painful death.