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"There's nowt so queer as folk" - traditional expression

Mark Steel: Like many of my generation, for a long time I was sceptical of internet technology. Whatever the potential, the main purpose seemed to be for bored office workers to send e-mails such as "Can people take only ONE MALTESER AT A TIME from the chocolate tin as some of us haven't had any while others have had FOUR!!!"


The New Adventures of Mr. Stephen Fry: All visitors are welcome here; welcome to browse, read, register, download, subscribe, comment, commune and contribute. I shall do my best to provide more and more original content for you in all the forms that the digital world allows.


Tom Waits: "The 58-year-old Mr. Waits ... has composed a body of work that's at least comparable to any songwriter's in pop today. A keen, sensitive and sympathetic chronicler of the adrift and downtrodden, Mr. Waits creates three-dimensional characters who, even in their confusion and despair, are capable of insight and startling points of view. Their stories are accompanied by music that's unlike any other in pop history." - Jim Fusili, The Wall Street Journal.


Robert Anton Wilson: It has taken me some time to come to ground and ask for your help in keeping Bob's work alive, green and growing (ummm, WHO makes it green?). My name is Christina, and I am one of Bob's daughters and executor of his estate. My brother Graham, my sister Alexandra, and I have been getting used to EWOB; Earth WithOut Bob. This website will remain the official RAW site and online center of RAW's work.


Mark Thomas: If you're not pissed off, you're not paying attention!