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Style Dash & Panache

"Fashions fade, style is eternal." - Yves Saint Laurent

Old Town Clothing: Simplicity of line, consistency of detail and durability of construction are the main considerations for our designs. We hope that they have a certain longevity of style which is non-specifically of the past, the intention being to appear chronologically neutral.


Street Etiquette: A parallel to the accepted meaning of Etiquette. Etiquette is described as proprieties of conduct established in any class or community or for any occasion. Our community is the urban areas New York City full of eccentricity, originality and diversity. Our Street Etiquette is our love for HipHop, Hood Art and most of all our love for incorporating different styles of fashion into our urban style.


Put This On: A web series about dressing like a grown up.


The Sartorialist: Sometimes delving into the world of fashion rather than style, The Sartorialist shares images from the streets of New York, Paris and Milan. Selected as one of Time Magazine's top 100 design influences.


The Chap: A wry look at the modern world through the steamed-up monocle of a more refined age, occasionally getting its sock suspenders into a twist at the unspeakable vulgarity of the twenty-first century.


The Style Forum: A fora of style - Men's clothing, streetware, health & body, food & drink.


Savvy Row: Clothing porn - vintage British classic style.


A Suitable Wardrobe: Thoughts on dressing with style.


La Vrai Winston: A dandy about town wearing high street labels. “A complete gentleman, who, according to Sir Fopling, ought to dress well, dance well, fence well, have a genius for love letters, and an agreeable voice for a chamber.” — Etherege, quoted by Bulwer-Lytton in “Pelham”


Ask Andy About Clothes: Devoted to men's clothes - what to wear, how to properly wear it and the history of why we wear what we do.


Permanent Style: Style has cycles that last decades, not months. It is about weaves and lengths, about subtle ideas of proportion and balance. It lacks good journalism. This blog supplies it.