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A Commonplace Miscellanea

Alfred Wainwright


.....misogynistic, misanthropic, conceited, spiteful, selfish, a surley old bastard who was eccentric, witty, passionatte, energetic, quietly spoken and without doubt a national treasure!

Bo(w)ne Head


.....I stumbled upon this stone 'bone head' half way up Bow Fell in the Lake District of northern England.

The Haunting of RF398


No one is sure why the Avro Lincoln bomber, serial number RF398, should be haunted.....

Head Case - A Simulacrum in Eire


.....when, just below the jagged prominence of the Hags Teeth my friend pointed out a most wonderfully shaped rock, a simulacra of a grinning hag, a witch or perhaps this being Ireland a banshee.

A Load of Balls


.....after almost ten years of using a digital camera I have finally managed to photograph a group/flock/pride/flange of 'orbs', other that is than the circular smudges that manifest themselves upon rainy days.

Pennies From Heaven


.....or 'Do French Francs Fall in the Philippines?' or 'A Local Sky for Local Lucre' or perhaps even Mysterious Manifestations of Mamon.

"Skeedly Eedly Eddly Bee"


We hurry along, making a beeline for summit directly ahead of us, but it's of no use as we are soon encompassed in a noisy darting cloud of bee's, we crouch down, hold onto each other and wait for them to pass.....

Writing To The Papers


When an FT reader found a letter from one 'Charles Fort' in an old newspaper at a local boot sale, and posted it on the message board of, much discussion ensued.