A.J. Nethercote's Gentlemen of England XI

In the February of 1896 A.J. 'Rumpy' Netercote led his team of English gentlemen onto the playing fields of Cape Town against a team made up of 'Natives Of The Cape Colony'. Though Nethercote's team were ultimately victorious it was only by a technicality rather than good play. Undoubtedly such a victory led to some contention and disagreement between the tourists and the local players as this remained the only match on record played by Nethercote's team.


Founded: Owzthat Game #1

Captain: AJ Nethercote

Home Ground:

Matches Won lost Drawn
 1 1 0

A.J. Nethercote's Gentlemen of England XI

Cpt. AJ Nethercote

2. BJ Nethercote

3. SS Flippington-Flop

4. Lord Strokes

5. GNER Railway

6. RPCRQW Bullingdon-Snorter

Wkt. DD Plump

8. GC Chedder

9. NWA Compton

10. A Coalface

11. B Pitpony