09. September 2018
"The Nordic religion was not a religion of dread, or of magic formularies to propitiate hostile powers."

21. June 2018
Svmer is icumen in..........

25. January 2018
The Haggis is eaten and a toast to all is said. Though my Scots blood is as thin as a teetotallers dram I have eaten haggis on almost every burns night since I was a child, though it remains a hearty treat throughout the year.

03. January 2018
Christopher Hitchens asks you to ignore Yoko Ono and John Lennon and heed the tea-making advice of George Orwell instead.....

02. January 2018
George Orwell writing in the Evening Standard of January 1946 put forward eleven points to making the perfect cup of tea, he wrote of his eleven points that two may be seen as generally agreeable and at least four controversial, whilst all eleven should be regarded as "golden".....

25. December 2017
It is not that I believe the little orange blocks of 'Wrights' soap to be superior to any other, I'd agree there are soaps which are more pleasing to the eye; that there are soaps that form a lather better and perhaps clean better. However there is no soap that smells better, that has a more evocative scent; that brings memories of comfort, cosiness and cleanliness back.

23. December 2017
The Canwell Agricultural Society held its first show in 1925. Since that year the Canwell Show has grown to become the regions largest one day agricultural show bringing in visitors and exhibitors from across the UK.

22. December 2017
Quiet your mind for a moment. Relax, let subconscious mind journey back into your self, to your own roots. Glimpse at your own beginnings and know the real reason for the season.

22. November 2017
In the run up to the ashes the BBC have asked who would make the cut in your 'all-time Ashes XI'. Here's my choice, five Englishmen and six Australians, a handful of players from the inter-war era, a few post war players and a smattering from the modern age.....

05. November 2017
Edward VII Wall Box, Worcestershire, England.

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