Midsummer Hill

Malvern Hills
England, United Kingdom. (OS Ref: Sheet 150 – SO760372)

Midsummer Hill is a quieter site than the spectacular and busy British Camp a short distance to the north. It is a largely wooded place which spans across Midsummer Hill and Holybush Hill.

The ramparts are made of an earthen wall given a stone revetment which is still visible in places, two interned entrances breach the wall in its north-west and south-east faces. Oblong wooden buildings were built within the ramparts upon semi-circular platform, as is also the case at British Camp. Around half the buildings contained hearths and were thus probably houses of wood and wattle and daub. Up to 1,500 people may have lived here. Unlike British Camp, Midsummer Hill had springs within its ramparts. Duck-stamped pottery similar to that found at Bredon Hill was found at Midsummer Hill, and was probably produced locally and exported to the inhabitants of Bredon Hill. Around 48 CE, the Romans seem to have brought Midsummer Hill's settlement to a violent end, and many huts showed signs of fire.